By Adewale Adetona

I remember a few years ago when I was trying to register for my third JAMB examination. I know someone would ask how come I wrote JAMB three times. Well, my own case is better than that of boda Nuru who didn’t gain admission till his fourth attempt.

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon under the scorching sun. I stood on a long queue with two bottles of water and boli in one hand while I used my second hand to hold firmly to my JAMB form money. Those days, you didn’t want to be caught napping by ‘dem boiz’ so as not to end up crying your heart out as a victim of pick-pockets.

After the long wait, shouting and dragging for more than four hours, it was eventually my turn to buy the form. As fate would have it, my village people won the battle. I was told the form had finished and we should all return again the next day… Believe me, I didn’t cry. Sand just entered my eyes.

The next day, nobody taught me to be at the venue for the purchase as early as 4:00 AM, and I eventually bought my form before 9:00 AM. I don’t wish for anyone to go through this stress anymore bearing in mind what I went through to buy a form that eventually gained me my university admission to study ‘Jumpology’ of all courses.

When I see young boys and girls nowadays buying JAMB forms easily from their mobile phones, I just smile and envy them. We can’t deny the fact that the advent of Digital Technology and Fintech coys have made it much easier for prospective candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions across the country to purchase their JAMB forms.

With the likes of Remita, you can buy your JAMB form from the comfort of your mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device. And as soon as such payments are made, the pin is instantly delivered to your phone number and/or email.

I stumbled on a page recently that explains the steps to follow in purchasing the 2020 JAMB PIN online, and I was able to help my cousin to buy one instantly.

In case you have anyone registering for 2020 JAMB, help them out by sharing this article with them so they could see that we have done the suffering for them.Adetona is a marketing expert and digital content creator who tweets from @iSlimfit


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