Love Idoko’s activating success documents 100 episodes


Love Idoko, the executive producer and host of the popular television programme, Activating Success, is on the verge of making history. She is set to become the first television programme to document its first 100 episodes in a book.
Activating Success, with Love Idoko, is set to unveil the highly anticipated book, which is a compilation of 100 episodes of the programme come on September 15.
The 425-page Activating Success with Love Idoko: A Compendium of the first 100 Episodes is laced with inspiring and thought-provoking stories.Activating Success, hosted by highly respected Idoko, made its debut on AIT June 5, 2015 and has played host to over 100 episodes, with many of the episodes being exclusive interviews of important dignitaries from different fields and walks of life around the world.


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