She is young, ambitious, and endowed with very deep philosophical insights that betrays her young age!

With such pretty face, accentuated by an infectious charming smile and intimidating 5 feet plus physic, you would be forgiven if you mistake her for your regular slay campus queen with good looks as her only “asset”. But no! This slay queen has a real crown on her head, and with very good brain to go with.

Meet Henrietta Ekpenyong Nsa, a student leader in one of the famous citadels of learning in the Niger Delta.

At age 20, she seats atop the number two position of the Physiological Student Association of Nigeria branch of the 44 year old University of Calabar.

Sentinel caught up with this calm and meticulous student leader where she discussed on a number of issues, ranging from her plans for students in her department, her interest in secular politics, Technology, amongst others.


Can we meet you?

I am Henrietta Ekpenyong Nsa. I double both as a 300 level student, as well as the incumbent Vice-President of the department of Physiology, University of Calabar. I am from Creek Town, Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State.



What inspired you to contest for the number two position of this very large Student body? Have you always wanted to do this?

So, before now, I could never have imagined myself in Politics of any kind. The truth is that I have always had an apathy for politics. But having read widely, and followed trends in my school, state, country and in the global spectrum, I discovered that no one can actually isolate himself from Politics. Policies, which are the end product of politics affects even the dog on the street. Hence, it would be ignorance for any person to want to pay deaf ear to issues that affects us all. However, I made up my mind to run, not for the sake of my realisation that humans are Political animals in every sense, but because of my conviction that service is the ultimate call for mankind. Hence, its important to bring my service on board, so as to help make SPAN better.

Again, the Vice President was suitable for me cause it puts me in a position to play a supportive role which I’m very good at and also have access to all Spanites so, I can truly serve.

What are your plans for your association?

My plans for my association basically include; improving student – lecturer and student – student relationship (accessibility). I believe that exposure is key, so I intend to create platforms for Spanites to grow, learn and be better informed by organizing symposia, leadership forums, workshops, etc. I also understand that the primary essence of our existence is to serve humanity, so, with this in mind, I will ensure that Spanites begin to go for outreaches to fulfill their service to humanity. The fellowship of one Spanite with another would be greatly improved if Spanites are more engaged in the activities of our association. So, I’ll do my best to ensure that i carry most Spanites along and make them fully involved in the decision making of the association. I also understand that the welfare of the students is the primary concern of my association. So, working in tandem with my 001, The President and my other executives, we will ensure that the academic welfare of Spanites is made a priority cause we are in the University for our academics first before anything else. We will do this by supporting students who are facing challenges in regards to finances and acquiring study materials. Also, we will introduce tutorials, peer to peer learning, counseling for students struggling academically and otherwise.
I intend to do this and more by also fulfilling my primary duty as 002 of my association, which is supporting my President and ensuring to the best of my capacity that all the great projects he has planned for the department of Physiology are duly actualised.


Henrietta (2nd left), during her inauguration, along with other student executives of SPAN, UNICAL

Aside student unionism, what are your other passion? I hear you’re very much involved with Tech?

Okay, so I won’t say i am well vested in tech but I definitely have a great love for it and making plans to leverage on it in whatever I do in the nearest future. I am already a co founder of a start up leveraging on technology. Besides this though, I have a great love for teaching and working with children generally. One thing I’m certain of though is that whatever I’ll be doing for most part of my life would be centred on children.

Do you think Nigeria has improved in technology?

Yes, definitely. Although, there is still a great vacuum to fill though but I see technology being the answer to many problems we face in Nigeria today. For example, the Treasury Single Account Policy in Nigeria which has helped prevented a lot of financial impropriety in Nigeria, and saved the country several trillions of naira is actually being executed by a technological solution, called Remita. There are many other ways we can use simple application of technology to solve complex national problems. We are making progress, slowly, but we will get there eventually.

Who are your mentors?

My mentors are my family first cause they are so supportive to a fault and also give great pieces of advice in their various capacities. I also have wonderful set of friends whom I learn from on a daily basis. Most importantly though, I am mentored by a few other people well vested in the word of God. I will reserve names.

Do you intend going into secular politics later in life?

A lot of people have actually made such insinuations, and positive projections. Their predictions might just be accurate eventually. However, all I can say is that time will tell.



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