Why Nigerians are blaming Lola Omotayo for Psquare’s Fight


Although, the real reasons for Psquare’s fight have not been revealed, Nigerians have more than enough to say and different conspiracy theories to back up their claim. The Nigerian social media sphere has been flooded with several reactions following the ongoing feud between Nigeria’s favourite twin artists, Psquare. The most controversial however is how Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo should be blamed for the current spat.

Immediately the news broke, Nigerians trolled Lola Omotayo on her Instagram page and dragged her for not brokering peace between the two brothers.

They reminded her of how the Okoye family never supported Peter’s decision to marry her because she might divide the family (like it is currently happening). They even told her Peter’s mum never blessed her marriage (a fact she might not be aware of).

When Lola innocently posted photos to congratulate her in-laws, Ify and Jude on the birth of their daughter, she got more than she bargained for from her followers.

A user wrote: “Witch, you have succeeded”

Another user wrote: Lola, your plan is to destroy the Psquare, but Almighty God will not allow it, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

A lot of other users advised her to fix her family and seek spiritual help if necessary

Although she had followers who stood up for her, it is quite unclear why others (some of whom claim to have inside information) would convincingly call her out. This is not the first time she will be accused of such, and judging from trends, here are some of the reasons:

  1. Nigerians believe Peter is manipulated by Lola

In this side of the world, when your wife is older than you, you are in trouble. Nigerians believe that all the actions and inactions of Peter against his brother Paul, are influenced by his wife, Lola. Nigerians probably think Peter was manipulated into the marriage and this manipulation is still playing out in how he relates with his family.

  1. The woman is always at fault over here

Women are vulnerable, and when it comes to family matters, they get blamed for everything, including why their men cheat. This is the same with Lola, they are just like, ‘blame it on the woman’. Why not the other women, you might want to ask. The answer is simple: Of all the women, Lola is the most intimidating. Is it her poise, carriage, beauty…. Name it. They think she might be a witch.

A user said since “you stepped into the Okoye family, everything has scattered… ask yourself questions”

  1. Her tribe is different

Tribalism is everywhere in Nigeria and it doesn’t end when people from different tribes marry. Lola is Yoruba while the other Okoye wives are Ibo. Nigerians reason that since she is different, she might be having some hard time in fitting into the family, and her husband may be reacting on her behalf. Afterall, Peter accused Paul of threatening Lola.

An Instagram comment reads: Lola you are a big shame and a stupid woman for causing rift among brothers. We know how Yoruba ladies act always breaking up homes. Shameless hoe. That’s how the other blogger insulted you, mumu.

  1. She has not called her husband to order

Yes, Nigerians believe if Lola is innocent, she should not allow Peter to be so uncouth in his approach to the matter. Peter recorded and released tape from their lawyer, Festus Keyamo’s office. He has also said nastier things than the others. How can Lola leave her husband to act like a town crier. If she is not the one fanning the flame of anger, Nigerians believe Peter would not be so infuriated.


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