Opinion: by Ahmed O. Bilikisu.
President Muhammadu Buhari has come back from his trip to the South East. Where are the people who said he won’t survive it? Do they even still exist? Last time we saw them, they were clad in cloaks of terror, they were hooded and they bore flags of a nation that has never existed.

Their chants didn’t even scare a cockroach. Haba… all that show for nothing?
IPOB! Where art thou? with your mouth of a warrior and legs of a coward.
You said Buhari must not step foot in the South East. He went and was decorated with glory in your land. Two chieftaincy titles in one trip. He fixed his image and allied with your leaders. Ah…even your great leader, Ojukwu’s son, was won over.

President Muhammadu Buhari has returned to Abuja after his two-day official visit to Ebonyi and Anambra in the South East region. Nothing happened to him. Nothing could have happened. The threats were empty and silly. IPOB seems to have overestimated itself.

Should we remind you of your words, so you can eat them with oil.

We hail thee, Buhari stumped your town and was proclaimed leader of all. Ochi Oha Ndigbo (leader of all) of Igboland and Enyi Oma 1 (number one good friend).

IPOB warned that the said date will be “recorded in history as a very bloody day should that Jubril masquerading as Buhari attempt to land on Biafran soil.” Whose blood?
They said Ohanaeze and South East governors should be responsible to bear the consequences of their attack on the president.

Their powerless spokesperson, Emma Powerful, warned that “we will die with him should he set his foot on the sacred land of Biafra. HE WILL NOT GO BACK ALIVE.” Which land is the land of Biafra?

They claimed that Buhari was responsible for the death of its members at “Enugu, Nkpor, Igweocha, Aba, Onitsha and lastly Umuahia.”

It is official, that IPOB is “foolish, stupid, silly and childish” to have warned the President against his trip to the South East. Those were the exact words of Buhari’s Personal Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie.

She added: “There’s a clown, a charlatan and a comedian, all rolled in one, who goes by a fake name, “Emmanuel Powerful. He is not powerful enough to remember and use his family name, but he threatens the Commander in Chief of the biggest Army in Africa and an Igbo Triple Chief Muhammadu Buhari, Ochioha Ndigbo (Leader of Igbo people), Enyioma 1 of Ebonyi (Trustworthy friend of Ebonyi) and Ogbuagu 1 of Aba Kingdom.

“Going by his name, he is not an Igbo man so he needs to ask his partner in crime, ex-leaderr of proscribed Terrorist organisation IPOB, (if he knows where he is), what Ogbuagu means”.

Well said. We proved this right.

Will IPOB members show their face and explain what happened. Were they all sedated?
No, it can’t be. There must be a crazier explanation.


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